DH & Isaacs Inc. is a Global Source for BPO and Data Management Solutions. We offer a comprehensive platform uniquely tailored to the specific industries that we serve and delivers Data Management solutions to small and medium size organizations.

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DH & Isaacs Inc. offers seamless management of business processes outsourced by companies across the world, blending its process expertise and analytical capabilities with a diverse industry base to provide a broad range of robust services:

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Welcome to the future of telemarketing, welcome to Softtel System Dialer. We're excited to introduce you to the ultimate game-changer in your business communication process. Our cutting-edge technology has been engineered to drive efficiency, improve productivity, and increase revenue in your call center operations.

Softtel System Dialer is an intuitive, intelligent, and innovative predictive dialer software designed to supercharge your telemarketing campaigns. With our solution, you can enhance customer engagement, streamline your outbound calling, and significantly reduce idle time.

Our software utilizes advanced algorithms to predict the perfect time to dial, ensuring you connect with your customers when they're most likely to answer. It simultaneously dials multiple numbers, filters out unanswered calls, voicemails, and busy signals, providing your agents with a constant stream of live connections.

Key Features of Softtel System Dialer:

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